Hi! My name is Caitlin and I am a graduate student living in and loving Seattle! I’ve been cooking and baking for years and am happy to finally share some of the recipes with you!

I love all things fresh and yummy–a fridge full of fruits and veggies makes me absurdly happy! I like to balance out this healthy eating with a lot of desserts though…I mean A LOT. Most of my baking involves chocolate because I have a strong belief that if there’s no chocolate in something, it’s not dessert. I’m trying to work on this though, so bear with me.

I grew up in Texas but have been living in Boston or Seattle for the past 5years so a lot of my recipes have a Tex-Mex influence to make up for the fact that I can no longer get delicious tortillas or salsa on every corner.

I began practicing yoga in Novembre 2012 then became a ceritified instructor in April 2013. On top of all the yoga time,  I also love reading, rock climbing, sharing my food with others, and drinking lots of good wine!




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